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Why Would A Villainess Have Virtues? CHAPTER LIST
  • Why Would A Villainess Have Virtues?

    Alternative : Justice for the Villainess ; No Loyalty for a Villainess ; Where Is Justice for the Villainess? ; Why Would a Villainess Have Virtue? ; 恶女哪来的义气 ; 悪女に義理などありません ; 惡女에게 義理가 어디 있어 ; 악녀에게 의리가 어디 있어

  • Author(s) : Cheon Ee-Eol
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-21-2024 12:07:35 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Josei, Manhwa, Romance
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Why Would A Villainess Have Virtues? summary:

Charlotte had dedicated everything to the Emperor in the past... However, what she got in return was stone-cold betrayal and freezing loneliness.But, while she had been awaiting her death after being confined in prison, a questionable man appeared in front of her!"Could you help me murder the emperor?"Charlotte, who had danced with a sword for the Emperor, meets Ruslan and is reborn as 'Juju.' Now, her sword is directed at the Emperor. And the two who had met as comrades start bearing feelings that go beyond just that...A romance that blooms in a revenge story that's extravagant and strategic!The story of the strong-willed and charismatic villainess, Charlotte!"Why would a villainess have virtues?"
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Chapter 137599,555Yesterday
Chapter 136817,768Yesterday
Chapter 135922,127Yesterday
Chapter 134679,248Yesterday
Chapter 133310,366Yesterday
Chapter 132181,302Yesterday
Chapter 131648,083Yesterday
Chapter 130498,294Yesterday
Chapter 129538,842Yesterday
Chapter 128261,075Yesterday
Chapter 127435,991Yesterday
Chapter 126785,685Yesterday
Chapter 12510,585Yesterday
Chapter 12473,322Yesterday
Chapter 123157,114Yesterday
Chapter 122149,499Yesterday
Chapter 121150,861Yesterday
Chapter 120437,771Yesterday
Chapter 119387,587Yesterday
Chapter 118192,412Yesterday
Chapter 117958,211Yesterday
Chapter 116270,657Yesterday
Chapter 115209,450Yesterday
Chapter 114631,535Yesterday
Chapter 113120,309Yesterday
Chapter 112574,147Yesterday
Chapter 111433,282Yesterday
Chapter 11019,787Yesterday
Chapter 10982,556Yesterday
Chapter 108618,358Yesterday
Chapter 107300,648Yesterday
Chapter 106333,815Yesterday
Chapter 105714,524Yesterday
Chapter 10445,496Yesterday
Chapter 103188,676Yesterday
Chapter 102953,684Yesterday
Chapter 101968,971Yesterday
Chapter 100745,862Yesterday
Chapter 99659,095Yesterday
Chapter 98613,954Yesterday
Chapter 97691,279Yesterday
Chapter 96720,245Yesterday
Chapter 95744,787Yesterday
Chapter 94347,460Yesterday
Chapter 93626,976Yesterday
Chapter 92988,250Yesterday
Chapter 91685,391Yesterday
Chapter 90240,030Yesterday
Chapter 89234,824Yesterday
Chapter 88889,679Yesterday
Chapter 87264,708Yesterday
Chapter 86733,386Yesterday
Chapter 85825,235Yesterday
Chapter 84624,020Yesterday
Chapter 83698,632Yesterday
Chapter 82853,579Yesterday
Chapter 81667,521Yesterday
Chapter 80370,696Yesterday
Chapter 79126,251Yesterday
Chapter 78990,204Yesterday
Chapter 77132,531Yesterday
Chapter 76298,046Yesterday
Chapter 75726,914Yesterday
Chapter 74724,452Yesterday
Chapter 73848,562Yesterday
Chapter 72878,484Yesterday
Chapter 71663,701Yesterday
Chapter 70.5696,506Yesterday
Chapter 70742,155Yesterday
Chapter 69.5388,974Yesterday
Chapter 69.2954,464Yesterday
Chapter 69.1765,893Yesterday
Chapter 69429,958Yesterday
Chapter 68665,038Yesterday
Chapter 67890,733Yesterday
Chapter 66602,578Yesterday
Chapter 65193,568Yesterday
Chapter 64329,963Yesterday
Chapter 63375,327Yesterday
Chapter 62502,628Yesterday
Chapter 611,843Yesterday
Chapter 60706,057Yesterday
Chapter 59343,838Yesterday
Chapter 58408,703Yesterday
Chapter 5724,872Yesterday
Chapter 56746,905Yesterday
Chapter 5555,072Yesterday
Chapter 54240,671Yesterday
Chapter 53101,004Yesterday
Chapter 52615,351Yesterday
Chapter 5121,222Yesterday
Chapter 50771,252Yesterday
Chapter 49950,697Yesterday
Chapter 48438,832Yesterday
Chapter 4777,385Yesterday
Chapter 46926,654Yesterday
Chapter 45186,501Yesterday
Chapter 44327,002Yesterday
Chapter 43495,546Yesterday
Chapter 42954,082Yesterday
Chapter 41518,599Yesterday
Chapter 40777,535Yesterday
Chapter 39355,471Yesterday
Chapter 38215,890Yesterday
Chapter 37287,969Yesterday
Chapter 36375,552Yesterday
Chapter 35225,244Yesterday
Chapter 34888,372Yesterday
Chapter 3354,076Yesterday
Chapter 32468,975Yesterday
Chapter 31224,805Yesterday
Chapter 30143,677Yesterday
Chapter 29730,752Yesterday
Chapter 28753,680Yesterday
Chapter 27214,727Yesterday
Chapter 26465,639Yesterday
Chapter 2521,666Yesterday
Chapter 24498,720Yesterday
Chapter 23215,799Yesterday
Chapter 22483,452Yesterday
Chapter 21364,201Yesterday
Chapter 20104,366Yesterday
Chapter 19764,184Yesterday
Chapter 18672,118Yesterday
Chapter 17155,628Yesterday
Chapter 1660,746Yesterday
Chapter 15453,501Yesterday
Chapter 14451,300Yesterday
Chapter 13265,732Yesterday
Chapter 12308,698Yesterday
Chapter 11679,714Yesterday
Chapter 1036,265Yesterday
Chapter 947,373Yesterday
Chapter 8255,436Yesterday
Chapter 7111,840Yesterday
Chapter 6132,084Yesterday
Chapter 5705,862Yesterday
Chapter 4156,673Yesterday
Chapter 3648,782Yesterday
Chapter 2301,660Yesterday
Chapter 1430,024Yesterday

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