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The Fan & M Museum CHAPTER LIST
  • The Fan & M Museum

    Alternative : 秘密のミヅキ先生 ; HIMITSU NO MIZUKI SENSEI

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-05-2023 10:12:43 AM
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The Fan & M Museum summary:

I want to find out the secret of the natural and slightly H Mizuki-sensei......!!!?Tenma Akitaka, a curious junior high school boy, has something he can't stop thinking about. It's his homeroom teacher, Mizuki-sensei. Her glasses and dull outfit gives her a plain appearance, but for some reason she always visits the old school building with her cute face!!!!Tenma's intellectual curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to investigate her secret. However, the more he investigates his sensei, the more her naughty and natural happenings are revealed to Tenma! He is supposed to be investiigating her, but all he can do is satisfy his H-seeking curiosity! Can he keep up with Mizuki-sensei's naughty happenings and explore her secrets?The teacher is a natural and satisfies your intellectual curiosity in this exciting, secret, observational romantic comedy...♪
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 2798,826December 2023
Chapter 1259,978December 2023

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