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  • My Dear Lass

    Alternative : 小姑孃 ; Xiǎo Gūniāng ; Ma Chère Demoiselle ; Sous le pêcher, ma bien-aimée. ; 小姑孃 ; Pequeña niña ; Девчонка

  • Author(s) : Teleixi Hu (Tracy Hu)
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-04-2023 10:12:55 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Romance, Slice of life
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My Dear Lass summary:

"It seems like I'd like someone like you.""You're really like a little pony." This is a slice-of-life of the romance and exploits of an adorkable and ditzy senior "little fox" and her dependable junior "little pony".
Maybe coming in the next issue
My Dear Lass Chapter 43
My Dear Lass Chapter 44
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.3 Chapter 42109,767Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 41235,538Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 4076,501Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 39807,544Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 38177,513Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 37822,188Yesterday
Chapter 36820,758Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 35580,471Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 34495,602Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 33115,142Yesterday
Chapter 32157,032Yesterday
Vol.3 Chapter 31743,075Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 30242,608Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 29464,404Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 28875,021Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 27396,838Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 26198,409Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 25664,498Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 24282,511Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 2335,547Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 2211,930Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 21820,702Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 20299,377Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 19615,843Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 18628,247Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 17982,013Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 16577,859Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 15583,732Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 14436,102Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 13741,039Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 12207,465Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 11257,840Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 10341,727Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 9500,172Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 8760,295Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 7181,334Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 6595,028Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 5109,889Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 4132,170Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 3788,414Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 2555,190Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 1841,706Yesterday

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