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Insanely Talented Player CHAPTER LIST
  • Insanely Talented Player

    Alternative : 미친 재능의 플레이어

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-21-2024 21:07:46 PM
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Insanely Talented Player summary:

It’s been six years since the game to decide the fate of the world had started. Hero-King Kang Yoo-Sung, the strongest player who hasn’t dropped from the top ranker’s position once, greets the new season, too.“I… was finished a long fucking time ago. I’m just doing it for the money.”
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Chapter 52826,808Yesterday
Chapter 51851,716Yesterday
Chapter 50476,014Yesterday
Chapter 49106,356Yesterday
Chapter 48746,649Yesterday
Chapter 47369,532Yesterday
Chapter 4653,685Yesterday
Chapter 4581,907Yesterday
Chapter 44143,490Yesterday
Chapter 43479,600Yesterday
Chapter 42387,030Yesterday
Chapter 41224,908Yesterday
Chapter 40830,633Yesterday
Chapter 39624,187Yesterday
Chapter 38525,309Yesterday
Chapter 37607,517Yesterday
Chapter 36888,287Yesterday
Chapter 35909,933Yesterday
Chapter 34344,923Yesterday
Chapter 33645,547Yesterday
Chapter 32696,952Yesterday
Chapter 31961,066Yesterday
Chapter 307,315Yesterday
Chapter 29709,436Yesterday
Chapter 28810,184Yesterday
Chapter 27859,712Yesterday
Chapter 26565,116Yesterday
Chapter 25456,241Yesterday
Chapter 24913,851Yesterday
Chapter 23197,001Yesterday
Chapter 22464,109Yesterday
Chapter 21531,252Yesterday
Chapter 20940,540Yesterday
Chapter 1934,594Yesterday
Chapter 18214,665Yesterday
Chapter 1787,942Yesterday
Chapter 16635,534Yesterday
Chapter 15145,676Yesterday
Chapter 14323,006Yesterday
Chapter 13923,999Yesterday
Chapter 12162Yesterday
Chapter 11488,672Yesterday
Chapter 10504,839Yesterday
Chapter 9688,896Yesterday
Chapter 8576,094Yesterday
Chapter 753,027Yesterday
Chapter 6979,066Yesterday
Chapter 5838,722Yesterday
Chapter 4153,772Yesterday
Chapter 3741,684Yesterday
Chapter 2741,495Yesterday
Chapter 116,695Yesterday

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