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How To Prey On The Master CHAPTER LIST
  • How To Prey On The Master

    Alternative : How to Prey on the Master

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-04-2023 11:12:50 AM
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  • Genres : Fantasy, Historical, Josei, Manhwa
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How To Prey On The Master summary:

How to Prey on the Master manhwa, , How to Prey on Your Master ,How to Eat the Master , How to Bite the Master El Louise Therese was the most outstanding knight of the Raun Empire. At a party, she witnessed the affair of her fiance and called off their engagement. El, who's in deep sorrow due to the shock, lost consciousness and collapsed. And the next morning, Elle faced an unexpected person. It's Theodore, who's famous for his crazy dog nickname! But somehow, Theodore was too polite in front of her?!
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Chapter 82533,852Yesterday
Chapter 81622,935Yesterday
Chapter 80996,168Yesterday
Chapter 7978,622Yesterday
Chapter 78941,214Yesterday
Chapter 7723,110Yesterday
Chapter 76243,682Yesterday
Chapter 75898,466Yesterday
Chapter 74677,357Yesterday
Chapter 73205,671Yesterday
Chapter 72290,220Yesterday
Chapter 71653,846Yesterday
Chapter 70702,620Yesterday
Chapter 6933,178Yesterday
Chapter 68727,711Yesterday
Chapter 67743,044Yesterday
Chapter 66127,400Yesterday
Chapter 65521,266Yesterday
Chapter 64260,767Yesterday
Chapter 63636,717Yesterday
Chapter 62799,199Yesterday
Chapter 61286,322Yesterday
Chapter 60950,890Yesterday
Chapter 59139,423Yesterday
Chapter 58595,411Yesterday
Chapter 57367,054Yesterday
Chapter 56527,138Yesterday
Chapter 5577,556Yesterday
Chapter 54916,421Yesterday
Chapter 53589,070Yesterday
Chapter 52383,263Yesterday
Chapter 51530,107Yesterday
Chapter 50782,201Yesterday
Chapter 49119,408Yesterday
Chapter 48862,223Yesterday
Chapter 47376,441Yesterday
Chapter 46881,441Yesterday
Chapter 45670,028Yesterday
Chapter 44809,030Yesterday
Chapter 43409,909Yesterday
Chapter 42559,762Yesterday
Chapter 41362,340Yesterday
Chapter 40716,246Yesterday
Chapter 39407,107Yesterday
Chapter 38877,844Yesterday
Chapter 37581,487Yesterday
Chapter 36771,079Yesterday
Chapter 35368,774Yesterday
Chapter 34735,347Yesterday
Chapter 33227,227Yesterday
Chapter 32509,643Yesterday
Chapter 31589,864Yesterday
Chapter 30759,116Yesterday
Chapter 29723,803Yesterday
Chapter 2818,772Yesterday
Chapter 27723,210Yesterday
Chapter 26679,869Yesterday
Chapter 25619,520Yesterday
Chapter 24882,083Yesterday
Chapter 23739,487Yesterday
Chapter 22576,845Yesterday
Chapter 21392,183Yesterday
Chapter 20490,140Yesterday
Chapter 19975,904Yesterday
Chapter 18970,029Yesterday
Chapter 17506,249Yesterday
Chapter 16219,823Yesterday
Chapter 15363,794Yesterday
Chapter 14718,867Yesterday
Chapter 13636,084Yesterday
Chapter 12253,692Yesterday
Chapter 11897,068Yesterday
Chapter 10784,565Yesterday
Chapter 9301,414Yesterday
Chapter 8640,029Yesterday
Chapter 7638,304Yesterday
Chapter 6133,847Yesterday
Chapter 5749,682Yesterday
Chapter 4571,362Yesterday
Chapter 3736,082Yesterday
Chapter 2656,017Yesterday
Chapter 1399,225Yesterday

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