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Hodoite, Musunde CHAPTER LIST

Hodoite, Musunde summary:

Ms. Nohara is next to me when we change seats. Her hair is very beautiful, but she is clumsy and can't seem to do it herself...?Haruki, who sets his sister's hair every morning, suddenly finds himself setting hers. As they tie her precious hair, they gradually become more and more aware of each other and grow closer. Untying and tying, their hearts are spun by their hair."A high school romance about a boy who is growing closer to a clumsy girl while fixing her hair."
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 12: From Now On...476,327November 2023
Chapter 10: Then, Me Too...965,862November 2023
Chapter 9: That's Not It...799,537November 2023
Chapter 8: That's No Good923,208November 2023
Chapter 7: Here, For You...642,632November 2023
Chapter 5: Whoever It May Be543,292November 2023
Chapter 4: Don't Be Thrilled572,644November 2023
Chapter 3: Keep It A Secret961,415November 2023
Chapter 2: Boy's Friend32,803November 2023
Chapter 1: Amazing!667,767November 2023

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