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Don't Hire My Brother, Your Highness! CHAPTER LIST
  • Don't Hire My Brother, Your Highness!

    Alternative : Don't Hire My Brother, Your Highness! ; I Am Worried Because My Brother Is Too Gentle ; I'm Worried That My Brother Is Too Gentle ; My Oppa Is Too Innocent ; Onii-sama ga Otonashi sugite Shinpai na no ; お兄様がおとなしすぎて心配なの ; 哥哥太单纯了怎么办? ; 哥哥太善良了,真令人担心 ; 拯救我的大好人哥哥 ; 오라버니가 너무 순해서 걱정이다

  • Author(s) : Ryu Heeon, 류희온, 이수호
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-18-2024 03:01:47 AM
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  • Genres : Doujinshi, Drama, Harem, Isekai, Josei, Manhwa, Mecha, Romance, School life
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Don't Hire My Brother, Your Highness! summary:

"Your Highness! The papers have piled up like this!" I reincarnated as Irene Weber, the younger sister of an aide who is suffering from overtime because of the prince who is in love and neglects his work. Irene, who was buried in work before the reincarnation and died of overwork, intends to protect her beloved brother from such a terrible thing. No overtime! No call after work! Evil boss, go away! Work less and earn more, brother! To the end, Irene tries to separate the prince from her brother. A method to win by knowing your enemy and knowing yourself. Irene scraps a little record without leaving any details, of the Prince whose face she doesn't even know about, for the future. Somehow, her brother's face, looking at such Irene, is dark "Brother, if you're meeting the Crown Prince today, I'll go with.." "Absolutely not." Do you want to meet him alone so much?' *** "Before that, Benjamin Weber, when can I meet your sister?" "Not for the rest of your life." The most affectionate brother and sister of the continent. Will the day come when these two siblings can resolve their growing misunderstanding?
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Chapter 89165,678January 2024
Chapter 88388,446January 2024
Chapter 87962,410January 2024
Chapter 86935,347January 2024
Chapter 85351,429January 2024
Chapter 84447,748January 2024
Chapter 8368,159January 2024
Chapter 82956,042January 2024
Chapter 81678,420January 2024
Chapter 80911,668January 2024
Chapter 79265,615January 2024
Chapter 78160,462January 2024
Chapter 77934,951January 2024
Chapter 76572,168January 2024
Chapter 75529,358January 2024
Chapter 74960,422January 2024
Chapter 73537,622January 2024
Chapter 72865,030January 2024
Chapter 71127,683January 2024
Chapter 70915,993January 2024
Chapter 69331,348January 2024
Chapter 68675,251January 2024
Chapter 67441,414January 2024
Chapter 6625,627January 2024
Chapter 65220,626January 2024
Chapter 64584,447January 2024
Chapter 63926,489January 2024
Chapter 62782,031January 2024
Chapter 61638,176January 2024
Chapter 60268,019January 2024
Chapter 59719,926January 2024
Chapter 58227,135January 2024
Chapter 57610,621January 2024
Chapter 5626,340January 2024
Chapter 55274,865January 2024
Chapter 54152,440January 2024
Chapter 5330,586January 2024
Chapter 52452,424January 2024
Chapter 51529,635January 2024
Chapter 50601,648January 2024
Chapter 49678,561January 2024
Chapter 48871,851January 2024
Chapter 47818,297January 2024
Chapter 46989,487January 2024
Chapter 45687,042January 2024
Chapter 4443,651January 2024
Chapter 42167,725January 2024
Chapter 41963,134January 2024
Chapter 40473,735January 2024
Chapter 39373,806January 2024
Chapter 38212,851January 2024
Chapter 37778,216January 2024
Chapter 36169,627January 2024
Chapter 35874,219January 2024
Chapter 34574,699January 2024
Chapter 3322,324January 2024
Chapter 32677,802January 2024
Chapter 31672,598January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 30809,865January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 29106,132January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 28883,975January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 2791,551January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 26962,413January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 2510,242January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 24977,954January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 23899,446January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 22404,020January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 21495,710January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 20406,227January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 19822,445January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 18281,385January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 17198,515January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 16628,430January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 15348,269January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 14803,453January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 1392,466January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 12808,550January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 11276,884January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 10640,625January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 9194,164January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 8390,975January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 796,277January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 6183,526January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 5749,543January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 4997,732January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 3761,308January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 2688,505January 2024
Vol.1 Chapter 1170,690January 2024

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