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Boku No Ma Na Musume CHAPTER LIST
  • Boku No Ma Na Musume

    Alternative : ぼくの魔なむすめ ; Boku no Mana Musume ; Boku no Manamusume ; Bokuno Manamusume ; My Darling Devilish Daughter

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-02-2024 23:04:12 PM
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Boku No Ma Na Musume summary:

Sami-chan, who lives alone with her dad, has inherited her mom's silver hair and perfectly round eyes, making her an incredibly adorable daughter. However, this daughter has a secret. When she feels lonely, horns sprout from her head. She's a "half-demon" born from a devil...! Would having a daughter like this bring happiness!? Or... A heartwarming comedy filled with the bond between father and daughter?
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