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There's A Ghost Behind That Gyaru CHAPTER LIST
  • There's A Ghost Behind That Gyaru

    Alternative : Gal no Haigo ni Rei ga Iru ; There's a Ghost Behind the Gyaru ; ギャルの背後に霊がいる ; 辣妹背后有只灵

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-18-2024 07:06:30 AM
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There's A Ghost Behind That Gyaru summary:

The serialization of the webcomic.   A girl notices something lurking behind her friend.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 41: Say Cheese997,3965 days ago
Vol.3 Chapter 3957,8915 days ago
Vol.3 Chapter 38791,1685 days ago
Chapter 34: It's Snowing!518,5885 days ago
Chapter 29: Welcome!12,1065 days ago
Chapter 18: This Is War!456,4995 days ago
Chapter 7: Have A Sniff!202,4865 days ago
Chapter 6: Come Get Some!350,5475 days ago
Chapter 4: Purikura2,3465 days ago
Chapter 2: Boba32,5115 days ago

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