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Senshun Kansoku CHAPTER LIST
  • Senshun Kansoku

    Alternative : Observando el inicio de la primavera ; Observing Him Since Early Spring ; 浅春観測

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-14-2023 10:08:58 AM
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Senshun Kansoku summary:

Wakamatsu Haruka (3rd year of middle school) finds the new student Hachiya Shuuto (1st year of middle school) sleeping at the train station and Haruka can't help wanting to take care of the small Shuuto.This is the story of a member of the baseball club and the leader of the school band.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 8426,225August 2023
Chapter 7657,156August 2023
Chapter 6478,902August 2023
Chapter 5673,118August 2023
Chapter 4251,279August 2023
Chapter 3705,434August 2023
Chapter 2530,971August 2023
Chapter 1119,796August 2023

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