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  • Rainbow City

    Alternative : 레인보우 시티

  • Author(s) : Chaepali
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-30-2024 12:03:07 PM
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  • Genres : Romance, Erotica
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Rainbow City summary:

In the coming future, the Adam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., conspiracy, orchestrated the release of the Adam Virus, turning people into zombies as it spread. Only three unified countries in the world remain. Following the unexpected death of one of the virus vaccine developers Dr. Oh, a major in the Rainbow City of the United Nations, Kwak Soohwan, is tasked with retrieving Seok Hwa, a Chief researcher living in seclusion on Jeju Island, and is to bring him back to Seoul. Later in Seoul, in the Yeouido Shelter, Soohwan took guard as Seok Hwa took over Dr. Oh’s research to continue developing a vaccine. With the Adam Virus mutating a countless number of times slowing down the development of a vaccine, the attacks on Rainbow City from the resistance, a group of rebels rejecting the tyrannical regime, only intensifies. In a time of turmoil, Seok Hwa questions the City’s policy focus on developing a vaccine but not a cure, and as a result, Kwak Soohwan and Seok Hwa develop more and more animosity....
Maybe coming in the next issue
Rainbow City Chapter 38
Rainbow City Chapter 39
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Chapter 37931,797March 2024
Chapter 36724,740March 2024
Chapter 35141,954March 2024
Chapter 34343,204March 2024
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Chapter 27925,981March 2024
Chapter 26177,626March 2024
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Chapter 19405,757March 2024
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Chapter 16198,123March 2024
Chapter 15974,913March 2024
Chapter 14527,033March 2024
Chapter 13460,092March 2024
Chapter 12633,962March 2024
Chapter 11178,327March 2024
Chapter 10962,884March 2024
Chapter 9515,183March 2024
Chapter 8834,490March 2024
Chapter 7164,334March 2024
Chapter 6810,940March 2024
Chapter 520,149March 2024
Chapter 4699,546March 2024
Chapter 394,553March 2024
Chapter 2433,016March 2024
Chapter 1276,969March 2024
Chapter 0: Prologue541,589March 2024

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