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  • One + One

    Alternative : 1加1 ; One Plus One

  • Author(s) : 寶阿
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-24-2023 05:11:38 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo
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One + One summary:

The innocent and independent Mian Hua and the cautious and conservative Lan Bao. The two people met coincidentally while one was renting a house. What kind of love sparks will emerge from two people who have very different worldviews, values, ​​and outlooks on life? From the same creator of the fluffy love story , Bao-Ah. How will she utilize her elegant writing style and an adorable plot to create a “next-door neighbor” type of romantic drama set in Hong Kong…~
Maybe coming in the next issue
One + One Chapter 64
One + One Chapter 65
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 60: You're Pretty765,7272 weeks ago
Chapter 57: Blushing76,1932 weeks ago
Chapter 56: Nasal Allergies349,4292 weeks ago
Chapter 49: Men's Talk271,5212 weeks ago
Chapter 45: Saying It All20,5162 weeks ago
Chapter 43: Mianhua And Ate123,3282 weeks ago
Chapter 42: My Teammate247,9612 weeks ago
Chapter 38: Getting Awkward123,3172 weeks ago
Chapter 37: Catching You560,2642 weeks ago
Chapter 33: Buff Lan321,9722 weeks ago
Chapter 32: Who Is She?513,2532 weeks ago
Chapter 31: Nurse Qiao332,1142 weeks ago
Chapter 28: Hm... Mommy?833,1552 weeks ago
Chapter 25: Bicker388,8442 weeks ago
Chapter 19: Drunk Mianhua544,3242 weeks ago
Chapter 0: Promo821,1362 weeks ago

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