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Miss Forensics CHAPTER LIST
  • Miss Forensics

    Alternative : 我亲爱的法医小姐 ; My Dear Forensic Lady ; Minha querida médica legista

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-10-2024 05:04:49 AM
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Miss Forensics summary:

Lin Yan, a cold and arrogant female forensic expert, meets Song Yuhan, a righteous and sharp female detective. From being incompatible to becoming friends, they witness the lives of many ordinary people along the way: a young girl who struggles to survive but dies innocently, an old mother who waits for her criminal son to return in the mountains, a timid policeman who faces a gun-wielding robber bravely... They fight for the rights of the living, speak for the dead, and vow to uncover the truth that has been silent for years.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 20156,027April 2024
Chapter 19136,311April 2024
Chapter 18339,958April 2024
Chapter 17900,025April 2024
Chapter 16783,205April 2024
Chapter 15679,725April 2024
Chapter 14676,883April 2024
Chapter 13248,622April 2024
Chapter 11781,658April 2024
Chapter 10289,125April 2024
Chapter 9817,354April 2024
Chapter 8607,074April 2024
Chapter 7751,102April 2024
Chapter 6112,669April 2024
Chapter 5625,637April 2024
Chapter 4109,830April 2024
Chapter 3905,413April 2024
Chapter 2117,718April 2024
Chapter 191,502April 2024

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