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Messiah: End Of The Gods CHAPTER LIST
  • Messiah: End Of The Gods

    Alternative : 메시아 - 신들의 종말

  • Author(s) : Koon
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-13-2023 06:05:02 AM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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Messiah: End Of The Gods summary:

"12 Gods' created humans. But, they decided to put an end to humanity. If the Gods saviors of humans, want the end of mankind, who should humans believe now? All human beings on this land have degenerated to monsters' called defects'. Those who were once humans became messengers of the Gods. In order to destroy the only place where the last human beings survive the Holy City Messiah', they attack with the sole purpose of killing. The only way manking can surive: Eliminate all 12 gods that have descended on the earth, collect their soul fragments, and awaken ""Gaia"" the G** of the Gods, the creator of all things, and the only G** on the side of mankind. Theia' and Savior' a warrior who can kill the G** chosen by Theia', aim their swords at their creator G**' to protect mankind" -
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 22703,449May 2023
Chapter 21772,126May 2023
Chapter 20304,188May 2023
Chapter 19921,658May 2023
Chapter 18798,660May 2023
Chapter 17816,463May 2023
Chapter 16487,814May 2023
Chapter 15734,250May 2023
Chapter 14637,416May 2023
Chapter 13193,513May 2023
Chapter 12830,894May 2023
Chapter 11589,992May 2023
Chapter 10785,985May 2023
Chapter 9697,285May 2023
Chapter 833,754May 2023
Chapter 7609,723May 2023
Chapter 6996,331May 2023
Chapter 5720,250May 2023
Chapter 4983,858May 2023
Chapter 3663,418May 2023
Chapter 288,148May 2023
Chapter 1435,510May 2023

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