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Living Together Just To Guide You CHAPTER LIST
  • Living Together Just To Guide You

    Alternative : 同居只为攻略你

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-01-2024 01:03:33 AM
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Living Together Just To Guide You summary:

In a well-designed, wealthy engagement event, Yan Jingxi was unexpectedly sent by her fiancé to the bed of his domineering uncle. Reporters burst through the door and witnessed Yan Jingxi leaning against Lu Muqing's arms, smiling as she said, “My fiancé isn't good; I'm cheating/breaking up with him.” After the reporters left, she gave him a high-five in alliance and said, “Thank you for helping me beat the scumbag.” However, he placed the ring on her finger and said, “Marry me, and we'll fight scum together from now on.
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Chapter 0: Prologue247,653last month

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