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I Took Over The System Players CHAPTER LIST
  • I Took Over The System Players

    Alternative : 我夺舍了系统玩家 ; Wo Duo Shele Xitong Wanjia

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-21-2024 18:04:25 PM
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I Took Over The System Players summary:

College student, Xing Ye gained the ability to take over another person’s body with a success rate of 100%, but by chance took over the body of a necromancer. This necromancer turns out to be the owner of the system, and it’s all because of this system that he’s a corpse after dying. This system gives suicide missions with no regards of the host’s abilities, but Xing Ye finds this suicide system quite compatible with him now that he’s a corpse? “Hahaha, I’m already dead, what do I have to fear?”
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 12788,617April 2024
Chapter 11167,607April 2024
Chapter 10983,615April 2024
Chapter 9754,784April 2024
Chapter 8706,089April 2024
Chapter 7657,767April 2024
Chapter 5351,059April 2024
Chapter 1.1354,418April 2024
Chapter 1: Merit Lottery392,123April 2024
Chapter 0: Prologue266,686April 2024

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