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Breed My Dear Enemy Season 2 CHAPTER LIST
  • Breed My Dear Enemy Season 2

    Alternative : Breed My Dear Enemy ; Dưỡng Địch Vi Hoạn Guiding a Rival to Become the Emperor How to Raise an Enemy Our Binding Love: My Gentle Tyrant Raising the Enemy Only Brings Trouble Yang Di Wei Huan 养敌为患 养敌为患2:恶女归来 强制欢宠:我的温柔暴君 転移お嬢様は導きたい! 악당이지만 남주를 키웠습니다

  • Author(s) : Fengyuziran
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-06-2023 09:04:12 AM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
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Breed My Dear Enemy Season 2 summary:

Season II is coming!On the day she transmigrated, she killed the male lead?!A domineering young lady X a scheming crown princeTheir love story now begins!Transmigrating into the world of the book, she became a supporting female role who died distressingly. Ain't got no that for this game! The female lead decided to kill the male lead, destroy the world and get out of here! When she faced this scrawny little boy, she just couldn't do it What should she do? Raised up this boy as her helper? An excellent idea! But this boy didn't grow up as a righteous man as she expected! Could she restart again?Breed My Dear EnemyDng ch Vi HonGuiding a Rival to Become the EmperorHow to Raise an EnemyOur Binding Love: My Gentle TyrantRaising the Enemy Only Brings TroubleYang Di Wei Huan2
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 32335,154April 2023
Chapter 31170,299April 2023
Chapter 30509,901April 2023
Chapter 29885,957April 2023
Chapter 28694,939April 2023
Chapter 27655,477April 2023
Chapter 26216,636April 2023
Chapter 25362,071April 2023
Chapter 24450,054April 2023
Chapter 23384,416April 2023
Chapter 22336,126April 2023
Chapter 21472,620April 2023
Chapter 20594,634April 2023
Chapter 19244,576April 2023
Chapter 18328,848April 2023
Chapter 17827,874April 2023
Chapter 16675,388April 2023
Chapter 15718,865April 2023
Chapter 14337,842April 2023
Chapter 13278,998April 2023
Chapter 12267,041April 2023
Chapter 11467,191April 2023
Chapter 10896,264April 2023
Chapter 9412,097April 2023
Chapter 8454,719April 2023
Chapter 7600,024April 2023
Chapter 6775,111April 2023
Chapter 5768,911April 2023
Chapter 4233,838April 2023
Chapter 3555,320April 2023
Chapter 2520,872April 2023
Chapter 166,763April 2023

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